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Terps not focused on title drought, just title game

Every single Maryland Terrapins men’s lacrosse player, coach, and fan knows all about the team’s 42-year championship drought, and considering how close the Terps have been just about every year since John Tillman look over in 2011, the fact that the program’s last championship came way back in 1975 has become a little bit more agitating.

But the history and heartbreak are not going to change how the No. 1 Terps will approach this game. Just like they always do, they’re going to go out looking to win the game, the fact that it’s their fifth Championship game in seven years, with nothing to show for any of them yet won’t add any more pressure.

“I think that’s something we kind of talked about, kind of blocking out for the year,” Terps senior defenseman Tim Muller said. “We’ve kind of come together and said we can’t look at it as if we’re in a drought or anything like that because that kind of puts you in a different mindset. We kind of go out there just looking at it like it’s just another game on the schedule and looking like it’s just another season for us.”

Maryland will play Big Ten rival Ohio State for the third time this season on Memorial Day with the national championship on the line. Both teams had to scrap for a one-goal victory in the semifinals. While Ohio State made a strong comeback after a very troubling first half to end up beating the Towson Tigers 11-10, the Terps were in control of their game against Denver almost the entire time but had to hold on for their 9-8 victory.

This year, Maryland and Ohio State split their series. Maryland lost to the Buckeyes, 11-10, in overtime in Columbus, Ohio, but they settled the score with a 10-9 victory over them in the Big Ten Championship game, which was also played at Ohio Stadium.

This time, on the neutral field, everything is on the line, but while the Buckeyes certainly have a strong defense, some dynamic scorers and a top-notch faceoff specialists in Jake Withers, the Terps have perhaps the most important thing there is in sports when it comes to preparing for all the biggest moments: experience.

While Maryland has stumbled on Championship weekend over the years, the 2015 and 2016 Championship appearance really do just make this another game for Maryland. For Ohio State, this is the biggest moment and biggest game of every player’s lives.

“We’ve been here before,” Muller said. “So it’s not really – we’re not too excited yet. … We’re just coming here, and we’ve to come in like it’s every other game and approach it the same way. You got to just look at it like it’s another game on the schedule and they’re the next team up.”

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