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UMBC rallies to beat Bearcats, 7-6

By: Phillip Wilson

Ruston Souder made seven saves against Binghamton, none bigger when his fourth quarter stop to prevent the Bearcatsfrom tying things late in the game.

The odds were stacked against the UMBC men’s lacrosse team after Binghamton scored four in a row to take a 4-1 lead after one quarter, but the Retrievers showed their resiliency and came back to earn a 7-6 victory over their America East conference rival on Saturday night at UMBC Stadium, putting them in second place in the league standings.

The Retrievers had another strong defensive effort while their offense helped by maintaining long possessions to keep the ball away from the Bearcats in the second half. After scoring four goals in the first quarter, Binghamton was held to only two for the rest of the game.

UMBC sophomore Billy Nolan scored three goals, two coming in the second half, to lead the comeback effort. Freshman Ryan Frawley also had two goals and Ruston Souder had a solid performance with seven saves in the game, none bigger than one he made in the final moments of the game to prevent a Binghamton strike from tying the game late.

The Retrievers scored the first goal of the game when Gunnar Schimoler struck after cutting inside from the left wing. But from there the Bearcats would go on a four-goal run without UMBC ever even touching the ball.

Binghamton won four straight faceoffs and scored on their first possessions of each series. UMBC would not score again until the second quarter but still managed to keep things close at halftime as they only trailed 5-3.

The defensive effort, though, fueled the comeback. While UMBC’s offense continues to struggle to put up goals in bunched, their defense shut Binghamton out for the first 24 minutes of the second half and held them to only one score in the final 36 minutes of the game.

“We started man and coming out we thought we didn’t play really well man so we switched to zone and it kind of stumped them,” defenseman Jason Brewster said. “I don’t think they were ready for it. We rotated perfectly together. We worked well off-ball. A few mess-ups, but we worked through it. And it helps to have Ruston Souder in the cage. He definitely made some saves he should not have.”

But the Retrievers offense did what they needed to do to help in the comeback victory.

Nolan and Dylan McDermott scored just 12 seconds apart in the third quarter to tie the game at 5-5. Binghamton would go back in the lead with 6:07 left in the game, but Nolan and Frawley scored twice in the final six minutes for the comeback. Frawley’s game-winner came on a scramble. He was behind the cage, curled around the crease and got one into the goal.

“Coach Moran this week challenged up, the whole offense. We weren’t happy with the way we played the last couple of weeks,” Nolan said. “We thought we missed some opportunities against Albany. And this week, he challenged us to come out and play, and we practiced faster and harder than we have all year.”

UMBC was able to hold Binghamton off for the win. Binghamton managed only five shots in the entire second half while they turned the ball over six times.

At 3-1 now in conference play the Retrievers have topped the total number of league wins they’ve had the past two seasons combined and have put themselves in a position where if they win one of their final two regular season games they will officially clinch a spot in their first AEC tournament since 2014.

They will be on the road for their next game at Hartford on Saturday, April 22. The opening faceoff is scheduled for noon.

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