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Trumbo re-signs for less than expected

Mark Trumbo hit a career-high and major-league leading 47 home runs in 2016.

Despite leading all of the Major Leagues with 47 home runs in his first season wearing a Baltimore uniform, the Orioles were not in a position where they had to prioritize re-signing Mark Trumbo. The amount of offense and power throughout the team’s lineup made the power-hitter expendable after only one season. However, at a three-year, $37 million price tag, he is well, well worth it.

The Orioles could have lost all of Trumbo’s 47 home runs from last year and still would have been a top 10 team in the category. With Manny Machado’s massive free agency quickly coming on the horizon, giving a big deal to Trumbo a year after giving a big deal to Chris Davis wouldn’t have been a wise one or a needed on, but his contract worth under $13 million per season is beautiful for the Orioles.

Trumbo is fairly one dimensional and is a liability when he’s out on the field. A poor fielder who hit just .256 with 170 strikeouts is a risky one even with the power. Trumbo’s 47 home runs was 13 more than his previous career high. A guy like that isn’t worth $20 million, but at his price tag he can comfortably slide right into being the full-time designated hitter who never sees the field.

With Trumbo’s return it’s still hard to find a real hole in the Orioles lineup. He’s in the meat of the order with Davis, Adam Jones, Machado and Jonathan Schoop. Very few teams in the history of baseball have had a lineup that featured five power-hitters like this in a row.

This re-signing comes not too long after the team traded pitcher Yovani Gallardo, who was due to earn $11 million this year with a club option for $13 million in 2018. By getting rid of his contract, the Orioles don’t go into the hole too much more on their payroll with the re-signing of Trumbo.

Catcher Matt Wieters still remains a free agency, who appears to be asking for way more than teams are willing to give him. With the team signing Welington Castillo to be the stopgap before Chance Sisco is ready to take over behind the plate, it seems the team will just move on from the former first round pick.

Pedro Alvarez also remains on the free agent market, but if Trumbo is to be the full-time designate hitter there would be no reason to re-sign Alvarez either. Aside from adding pitching, which the free agent market is fresh out of top-tier pitchers, the Orioles may still try to add a corner outfielder who hits for a high average.

Retaining Trumbo likely means the Orioles will move on from their talks with Jose Bautista, Chris Carter and Brandon Moss. Veteran Angel Pagan’s name has been brought up as a person to add into a platoon with Hyun Soo Kim and Trey Mancini.

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