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UMBC can’t put it all together in loss to Bearcats

UMBC's young players are very talented, but until they gain the experience the Retrievers are going to suffer through growing pains.

UMBC’s young players are very talented, but until they gain the experience the Retrievers are going to suffer through growing pains.

Youth. There is no cure for a team’s youth except to just keep playing. Youth as been what has hurt the UMBC men’s soccer team this year. It’s clear they have talent; but they just can’t keep everything all together for an entire game right now. On Wednesday night, the Retrievers controlled play against Binghamton, but a few mistakes here and a few miscues there led to a 1-0 loss to the Bearcats. UMBC fell to 0-3 in America East play.

The lone goal of the game came in the 80th minute. Matty Flax got into the box and chipped the ball to Ben Ovetsky. The Bearcats leader in goals out-ran the UMBC defense and fired the ball into the lower left corner of the goal.

Instead of playing through, two UMBC back line players slowed down and raised their hands trying to signal to the referee to call an off sides. By the time they got back up to speed, Ovetsky was running full speed.

Other than that mistake, UMBC did control most of the match, but simply couldn’t finish their chances.

In the 26th minute UMBC caught Binghamton in transition and saw a cross get served into the box to aerial threat Gregg Hauck, but his header hit the post. He immediately got possession of the rebound, but had that shot get blocked.

UMBC still maintained a dangerous possession as that block sent the ball back behind the goal to earn the Retrievers a corner kick. Colin Weyant sent the ball in and found Tyler Ward, but his header went wide. UMBC had two more corner kicks before the 30th minute, but could not capitalize on any of them.

UMBC outshot Binghamton 7-2 in the first half and 11-6 in the match.

Binghamton nearly scored early in the second half after Billy Heavner saved a free kick from just outside the box and punching it over the goal. The ensuing Bearcat corner kick then bounced around in the box, but the shot Binghamton finally got off went high.

After falling behind, Weyant nearly tied the game with a nice streak at the goal, but his shot went wide in the 89th minute.

UMBC will look to finally gain a conference victory on Saturday at Albany when they take on the Great Danes. After that they will make a short trip on Tuesday to Navy for a non-conference game. They won’t return home until Saturday, October 22 when they host Hartford at 7 pm.

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