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Towson falls to Dukes in 2OT, 2-1

Evelyn Neidert's goal came just 16 seconds into the second half but Towson was unable to build on that and struggled offensive the rest of the game.

Evelyn Neidert’s goal came just 16 seconds into the second half but Towson was unable to build on that and struggled offensive the rest of the game.

The further games go into overtime, the tougher losses get. And the way Towson women’s soccer team lost in double overtime had to make things even harder. The Tigers had a tough defensive performance against the Dukes but it was an error on that side of the field that cost Towson the 2-1 loss.

In the 101st minute, Towson failed to clear the ball away. Sydney Braun-McLeod took possession of the ball, passes it through the Tigers defense and found Allie Brunner. She juked a defender in the box, got space and ripped the game-winning shot from near the top of the box.

Towson was out-shot 24-12 for the game and 6-1 in overtime, but Taylor Sebolao came up with seven saves to keep the Tigers in striking distance of a victory.

Though neither team could retain possession for a string of shots in the first half, Towson had a missed opportunity that would prove to haunt them. Emily Marshall passed the ball up to Natalia Pinkney and the senior put the ball in the back of the net. However, she was called offsides and the goal was waived off.

Towson would have to wait until the second half for the first goal of the game. And that did not take long at all. Just a few seconds out of the break Katie Fullerton ripped a shot at the goal. James Madison goalkeeper Hannah McShea made the save, but the rebound went right to the feet of Evelyn Neidert, who put it in the back of the net just 16 seconds into the second half.

Despite the quick goal, Towson was unable to get in an offensive rhythm. But there defense was tough to break too. Neither team would register a shot for nearly 20 minutes before Lizzy Lazzaro got the space for a quality opportunity. Sebolao made the save though.

But she couldn’t get her hands on JMU’s shot in the 79th minutes. Steffi Page sent a hard cross in front of the goal and Ashley Herndon tipped the ball in to equalize and forced overtime.

In overtimes, JMU was in control, but Towson had the best opportunity to score when Moriah Wrigley ripped off a shot at the net, but JMU goalkeeper Olivia Miller made the save. Miller subbed into the game in the 66th minute and finished with two stops.

That was Towson’s only opportunity and the relentless push towards the goal paid off early in the second overtime for the Dukes.

Towson dropped to 2-3 in CAA play, but remain just one point out of fourth place. They will have an opportunity to UNC Wilmington next Friday when they host the Seahawks at 3 pm before concluding their home schedule against Charleston the following Sunday.

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