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Hounds battle Lehigh to 0-0 draw

 The Loyola women's soccer team played into double overtime for a seventh time this season in a 0-0 draw against Lehigh.

The Loyola women’s soccer team played into double overtime for a seventh time this season in a 0-0 draw against Lehigh.

For a seventh time this season and fifth time in their last six games, the Loyola women’s soccer team played into overtime and on Saturday night, after 110 minutes of soccer, there was nothing between them and the Lehigh Mountain Hawks.

Loyola played to their third draw in Patriot League play with the 0-0 draw.

“I think both teams had chances to win the game, and both teams played really well,” head coach Naomi Meiburger said. “A draw was probably a fair result. I think we are probably the draw champions of the Patriot League right now.”

The teams were even with 10 shots each and both of the two team’s shots on goal were saved. Lehigh had just on extra corner kick, holding the advantage at 9-8.

Loyola had an early flurry of shots, but not many great opportunities to score after that. The Hounds earned a corner kick in the second minute and Julianna Cabrera ended up ripping off a shot right after, but her attempt went high. Loyola had another corner kick in the fifth minute, but Maddie Boccio’s header went wide. And a third corner kick in the seventh minute saw Mia Sardella’s shot saved.

Loyola had all five of their first half corner kicks come in the first 28 minutes of the half, but none of them resulted in a goal.

In the 27th minute off a corner kick Nicole Wahlig headed the ball towards the goal, but that attempt went wide past the post.

Loyola did a good job maintaining possession in the first half but did find themselves with a late opportunity to score. In the 45th minute the Mountain Hawks earned a corner kick. Sidonie Warnecker served the ball into the box and found the head of Adrian Vitello, but her header went high as the teams went into break scoreless.

Loyola again had early scoring chances in the second half. Not even a minute out of the break Maddie Hart got free for strike at the goal, but Lehigh goalkeeper was there for the save. In the 74th minute Alice Regan had a shot blocked back past the goal to earn the Greyhounds a corner kick, but Loyola wouldn’t get a shot off. They did quickly earn another corner kick, but Jen Moutenot’s shot was also blocked.

That was Loyola’s last good opportunity to score as Lehigh controlled possession for most of the final 15 minutes of regulation. Lily Andres’ wouldn’t let a ball by her, though. In the 84th minute she came up with a save to keep the game scoreless.

Sardella nearly lifted Loyola to the victory in overtime with a direct free kick from 22 yards out, but that shot bounced off the crossbar. The ball fell in front of the far post. Wahlig got the rebounded shot off, but it went wide.

Loyola found themselves in a fourth-straight double overtime but neither team would find the back of the net.

Despite their struggles finishing games, Loyola has still been able to accumulate points in the Patriot League standings with the ties. They will have a week off before traveling to play Army next Saturday before returning home to host Bucknell on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

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