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Blue Jays blowout Juniata, 52-17

Michael Munday had two interceptions and a kickoff return for a touchdown in a blowout against Juniata.

Michael Munday had two interceptions and a kickoff return for a touchdown in a blowout against Juniata.

Taking advantage of turnovers with scoring drives and a dominant second quarter powered the No. 8 Johns Hopkins football team past the Juniata Eagles 52-17 on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The Blue Jays totaled over 500 yards of offense and out-scored the Eagles 31-3 in the third quarter alone on their way to a 5-0 overall record and 4-0 record in conference play as the Centennial’s only undefeated team remaining.

Quarterback John Germano showed off his dual-threat ability against the Eagles, leading the Blue Jays with 175 yards passing and with 82 yards rushing, totaling four touchdowns in the game.

He showed off his mobility in a big way ton JHU’s first drive. Junior defensive back Michael Munday ended a 10-play drive for the Eagles after the opening kickoff with an interception in the endzone. Led by Germano, the Blue Jays went 80 yards for a touchdown. It was capped off by a 48-yard breakaway run into the endzone by the quarterback to give JHU an early lead.

Juniata responded with a Matt Lehr touchdown run to cap off a 12-play, 67-yard drive to tie the game at 7-7, but the Blue Jays quickly scored when Germano found Ryan Cary for a 25-yard yard touchdown pass..

Lehr broke a 68-yard run to set Juniata up on first and goal on the six yard line on just the second play of the Eagles’ second play. It seemed only inevitable that Juniata would score, but the JHU defense stood tall and held them to only a field goal when Keonte Henson stuffed running back David Vidovic in the backfield for a loss on third-and-two. That held them to just a field goal and JHU scored for a third-straight possession to open the game with a 21-10 lead.

The Blue Jays were stuck in no-mans-land on fourth-and-one on the 26 yard line, where a field goal would have been a bit too long to be comfortable and a punt surely would have ended with a touchback. The Blue Jays handed the ball off to Cary and he broke loose for a 26-yard touchdown run.

And then JHU made it four-straight scoring possessions after another interception by Munday, his second of the game. Munday ended Juniata’s drive after just three plays and one yard. Munday set JHU up with a short field and from th 35 yard line Germano and Cary moved the ball up the field. The quarterback rushed it in from three yards out on first-and-goal to make it a 28-10 game.

Juniata could not keep control of the ball in the second quarter. Justin Helsel fumbled the ball on the ensuing kickoff after a 17-yard return. Ian Lodge jumped on the lose ball to give possession back to the Blue Jays, and once again they had a very short field to work with. From only the 24-yard line the Blue Jays may not have been able to score, but they drove it to the nine yard line and Jamie Sullivan booted in the 26-yard field goal to push JHU out to a 31-10 lead.

The Eagles desperately needed to get something going and needed to score before halftime, but the Blue Jays defense would not allow it. JHU forced a punt after only four plays by Juniata. The last three were incomplete passes by Coyne. On the ensuing drive, JHU had little time to work with, but Germano threw his second touchdown of the game, hitting Quinn Donaldson for a three-yard touchdown pass.

Of course anything that happened one way in the first half can flip and happen the opposite way in the second half, and when Ryan Bologa returned a fumble by Zack Baker 31 yards for a touchdown, Juniata had a glimmer of hope out of the break, but that was quickly extinguished when Munday went 86 yards for a touchdown on the ensuing kickoff to put the Blue Jays back up ahead 45-17.

Getting some reserves in, in the second half, the Blue Jays were still able to add onto their lead when Baker made up for his fumble with a 48-yard completion to Quinn Donaldson and soon after a two-yard touchdown pass to him.

Neither team would score after that JHU touchdown, but Robby Johnson did come up with a fourth-quarter interception on backup Eagles quarterback James Dougherty.

JHU will look to keep their perfect record next weekend at Dickinson, but will return home for a clash against Gettysburg on Oct. 21.

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