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Hopkins women win Iona Meet of Champions


In a race full of teams from Division I down to junior college, the Johns Hopkins women’s cross country team won the entire event with a total time of 93:03.5, scoring a perfect 15 points among the non-D1 participants and 34 among all the teams.

While Iona’s Teghan Henderson won her school’s host Meet of Champions with a time of 18:07.6, JHU’s Felicia Koerner crossed second overall with a time of 18:11.5. Finishing just a few spots behind her in fifth overall was Natalia Laspada with a time of 18:35.7. All five of the Blue Jays’ top runners broke 19 minutes and finished in the top 15 of the race. They had nine in the overall top 30.

Rebecca Grusby finished eight overall with a time of 18:41.1 while Tedd Meehan crossed at 18:47.0 in 11th place and Ellie Clawson crossed 1.2 seconds behind in 12th overall.

Towson won the Division I race with 51 points and a total time of 95:04.1. Megan Knoblock led the Tigers with a time of 18:45.3 and six points. All five of Towson’s scorers finished in the top 15 among DI runner with three crossing in the top 10. Hannah Walter had eight points in a 14th overall finish at 18:49.9. Allison Marella finished one spot behind at 18:54.2. Erica Israel had 13 points with a 20th place finish at 19:11.6. Colleen Cook rounded out their scoring with a 25th-overall finished at 19:23.1 for 15 points.

On the men’s side The Bblue Jays finished sixth overall, but won the race among the non-Division I programs.

They nearly swept the field with their top seven finishers finishing in the top eight. Schaffer Ochstein was the top non-DI finishers with a time of 26:22.9 in the 8K. Alex Doran was third at 26:39.2. Scott Pourschalchi crossed in fourth place month non-DI runners at 26:42.2. Geoffrey Kazlow gave JHU five points with a time of 27:01.1. Kevin Peters gave them six points with a finish of 27:02.8.

At the Bill Fritz Invitational at Rowan University the Stevenson men’s cross country team finished in fourth place with a total time of 2:13:28.97 with langston Gash finishing 16th overall at 26:08.16. The women’s team finished eighth with a total time of 2:12:40.93. Kayla Bias led the Mustangs run with a time of 25:29.68.

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