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Rioting puts things in perspective

Baltimore City Riots

Insanity. Sad. Unsettling. Anarchy. Those are just a few words to describe the horror taking place in Baltimore City right now. The city is under duress and just feels unsafe to be in. Cars are being set on fire, buildings are being looted and the police are being attacked. In the grand scheme of things, sports are incredible unimportant but it is a great thing we have to help us get through hard times like these. It gives us a common thing to rally around, some might even say a distraction to the injustice and perils.

Sports is what we cover at So Much Sports. It’s far from important, but sports in Baltimore have been horribly affected in this city. The Orioles games are being postponed and possibly moved because of the violence. Plus, a city-wide curfew preventing people from being on the street past 10 pm just realistically makes in impossible for fans to even be out for the games.

The Ravens have canceled their draft party at the stadium, bars and the horseshoe casino have to shut down this weekend so people will have to find new places to go to watch the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Other high school and college athletic events are sure to be canceled or postponed because of it. The things we love are being taken away from us because of the rioting.

This website is not here to make political statements. It’s a place to talk about sports and the impact it has on this city. Just remember how much the Orioles winning the AL East last year brought this entire city together. Just remember how everybody was united during the Ravens two Super Bowl celebrations. Just remember when Maryland was running through March on their way to winning a National Championship some years ago.

Sports help cities and people through chaos. The New Orleans Saints certainly helped save that city after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. But right now, we don’t have that distraction and we’re forced to face the horrible realities taking place. Maybe it’s for the good that the horrible issues are at the forefront of things right now and no longer in the shadows of the things that are not as important but it also just shows how sad things are at this very moment in this great city that we all love and all want to be represented in the best way possible.

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