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So Much Sports Baltimore has officially shut down on August 7, 2017, but would like to thank all of our readers, writers and everybody who helped make this website possible.

5 things to be thankful for

Before you dig in for your turkey remember, today is about giving thanks. And here are five things we sports fans are thankful for.

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Baltimore needs an MLS team

People in Baltimore do not just automatically support Washington D.C. teams so that leaves the rabid fan base and soccer-crazed city without an MLS team.

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Maryland close to move to Big Ten, makes sense

Change is never easy but Maryland would only benefit from a move to a power house conference like the Big Ten.

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Playoffs or not the Orioles are a success

Don’t let their success change your expectations so much that anything less than the postseason if a failure. Whether they make it or not this team has far surpassed expectations.

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