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Hounds get rebound win over Colgate

By: Jenna Pizzi

Pat Spencer scored five goals and had one assists in a rebound win against Colgate.

Loyola went out onto the field in hopes of putting what they practiced into play. After losing to Bucknell, the Greyhounds were determined to rebuild themselves into the team they knew they could be. And after beating Colgate 12-5, that is exactly what they did.

“This was the game Loyola needed,” head coach Charley Toomey said. “We felt like we got a little bit better this week defensively and we talked about making some extra passes and working really hard to get good looks at the cage and I thought we did it. I thought we did it on both sides. We talked about clearing and making sure that we had a good percentage of clearing.”

Sophomore attackman Pat Spencer went into the first half of the game and conquered. He scored four of Loyola`s eight goals while Colgate score just once in the first half. His technique was repetitive, but why change something that is working so well? Spencer’s act was to come from around the back of the net, where he battled through a defender, to create open space for himself to nail each goal into the top or bottom corner.

Colgate’s defense was certainly breakable. Their defenders did not guard through the entirety of the play which created opportunities for Loyola to get shots on net, 21 in the first half.

Opposite from Colgate, Loyola was able to play the majority of the first half on the offensive side. Loyola’s defense acted quickly when the ball entered their side with physical plays and aggressiveness to regain control of the game.

“Loyola`s at our best when we are clearing the ball when we are getting it down to our attacks and we are running clear offensive sets,” Toomey said.

Spencer added, “we played well on the defensive end. We got a lot of stops and had a lot of good transitioning. We played our game on the offensive end.”

From the start, Loyola went on a 9-1 run into the third quarter until Colgate started to make their shots.

“Colgate is a good team and it’s going to be difficult to sustain those runs,” Toomey said. “The only adjustment that we made today was that we wanted to try to get a short stick to number nine and to allow us to put another pole up against their middies. We thought their middies were really good dodging downhill type middies so we thought let’s take a little presume of our short sticks and let’s bump the pole up.”

Colgate fixed their defense during the half and was more organized with their marks and persistent in staying with their man. Taking note of the newfound aggressiveness of their opponent, Loyola took focused on Colgate’s weaknesses for their benefit.

“We knew we had to win our matchups on the defensive end,” Loyola goalkeeper Jacob Stover said. “[The offense] kept [Colgate] from getting to their strength. We knew a lot of the guys would be right-handers and we forced them to their off hands and caused turnovers and that’s really how we won our matchups on the defensive end.”

Even with the Colgate’s new controlled lineup, Loyola did not see this change as a threat. The Greyhounds were able to keep the game at a pace that was comfortable for them.

“We knew we still had control of the game and we knew we just had to stay patient when we were playing,” Stover said. “We knew they were going to be battling back in the third quarter but then we slowed it down on our offense, we matched up with our guys on our defense, we won our matchups and caused turnovers…credit to our offense and our defense. They did a really good job.”

Around 8:31 minutes left in the third quarter two penalties against Loyola for a cross check and a push were given. After one player was released back in, Colgate made a shot in the bottom corner with an extra man goal. Within this play, Loyola received yet another penalty for targeting a player’s head and neck. Colgate took this opportunity to score another extra-man goal with 7:33 minutes left putting them on a 3-0 run. But Loyola still led 9-4.

With seconds left in the third quarter, Zack Sirico scored his second goal of the game. Unassisted, Sirico came from around the back of the goal with a defender on this side. As he was pushed to the ground he shot his ninth goal of the season. Loyola’s six-goal lead entering the final quarter was more than enough to secure them the victory.

But for good measure, Loyola scored two of the three goals netted in the fourth quarter.

While Loyola earned a key bounce-back victory in a pretty one-sided fashion, Toomey stressed that his team does still have more to work on down the stretch, particularly in ball control.

“I was frustrated with the turnovers in the second half. If there is one stat that we are going to look at on Monday it’s you have one turnover in the first half, 10 in the second half, we have to clean that up,” he said. “We have to be able to come out of our locker room and sustain the same type of energy that we had in the first half.”

That should be one of the focuses’ in practice over the next week before Loyola hosts Lehigh next Saturday at 1 pm.

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Jenna Pizzi

Staff Writer
There has not been one moment in Jenna's life where she was not part of a team. From the age of single digits until high school, soccer became her center. Other sports were attempted, but nothing was as fulfilling as her defending the net or assisting a goal with a wide pass. During her high school days of soccer and track, she was a writer for the school newspaper, covering sports. High School was here her interest in basketball peaked, which is still a favorite of hers. In contrast, her father is a football fan, who watched each game religiously. Her inherited this trait from his mother, who is a Yankees fanatic. To continue the family passion, Jenna is currently a sports writer, both for The Greyhound at Loyola University of Maryland and now at So Much Sports.

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