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UMBC uses questionable lineup in loss to SBU

Leslie Wray continues to sub Alexa and Preslie Quaranta in-and-out for each other rather than just letting them run free on the attack together.

Leslie Wray continues to sub Alexa and Preslie Quaranta in-and-out for each other rather than just letting them run free on the attack together.

It can’t be more clear that the UMBC women’s soccer team is most dangerous when twin sisters Alexa and Preslie Quaranta are on the field at the same time. They have played together their entire lives. That’s chemistry teams can only dream of. But, for some reason, UMBC head coach Leslie Wray refuses to put them at the top of their offense for extended periods of time.

Against Stony Brook, the two played on the field together at the same time for just a 9:07 span in the middle of the second half. Then Preslie was subbed out of the game.

UMBC was shutout by Stony Brook, 1-0 and managed only four shots while the Seawolves had 12 in the game. Not surprisingly, UMBC had one of their three shots on goal during the short stretch that both Quaranta’s were sharing the field when in the 71st minute Preslie ripped a shot on target.

In the 51st minute the Seawolves scored the lone goal of the game after earning a penalty kick from a foul committed in the box by UMBC. Raven Edwards put her shot past Leah Roth for what proved to be the game-winning goal.

The Retrievers had only one shot in the first half. It wasn’t even on goal. Preslie Quaranta subbed in for her sister Alexa in the 21st minute as they didn’t share the field at all in the opening stanza.

UMBC struggled to maintain possession. Roth was forced to make two saves in the first 17 minutes of the game and had two more saves to keep the game tied at the break. UMBC’s only shot came in the 32nd minute and was from Jessica Hopkins. Her attempt was wide.

After allowing the goal in the second half, UMBC pushed more players forward in attempts to get the equalizer. Alexa, who leads the Retrievers with 12 points and four goals did not start the second half. She came in, in the 67th minute of the game. Preslie was subbed out in the 76th minute.

Following a transition up the field off a save by Roth, UMBC set up their first scoring opportunity when Wren Aye took a shot on goal. But it was one of three shots saved by SBU goalkeeper Car Gallagher. Preslie Quaranta had a shot saved in the 71st minute and Jamie Shiflett got her head on the ball in the 86th minute, but it fell in the arms of Gallagher as she preserved the shutout.

UMBC will host it’s final home game on Thursday, October 20 against Binghamton. Prior to the game the team’s four seniors will be honors in a senior ceremony. Kickoff is 7 pm.

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