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Retrievers fall 3-0 to Vermont on Senior Day

Billy Heavner made six saves in his final game as Retriever Soccer Park.

Billy Heavner made six saves in his final game as Retriever Soccer Park.

It’s almost bee a story set on repeat for the UMBC men’s soccer team this year. The young squad started off playing well but couldn’t score goals, spiraled down and suffered another shutout. The Retrievers suffered a 3-0 loss to Vermont on Saturday night in the team’s final game at Retrievers Soccer Park this season and were officially eliminated from postseason play in the process. UMBC will have one final game at Stony Brook on Wednesday, where they will look for both their first win and goal in conference play.

UMBC came out with a swagger and intensity, pressuring the goal in the early minutes, but the Vermont counter-attack continually put the pressure on the Retrievers.

In the 15th minute the Retrievers conceded a goal. Jon Arnar Barodal served the ball over the UMBC defense. Brian Wright was clearly well off-sides when the ball was sent up the field, but the referee did not call it, Wright ran up the field, chipped it over UMBC goalkeeper Billy Heavner and out-ran Cormac Noel to the ball in the box to get the goal.

After UMBC allowed that goal, the started to look like they already suffered a defeat and they were unable to mount strong attacks at the Catamount goal. Aron Runarsson was only needed to make two saves in the game, just one in each half.

As the game went on and the Retrievers were unable to score, head coach Pete Caringi Jr. threw more guys up the field, because in an elimination game, they had no choice but to do everything they could to score. But it also left the Retrievers vulnerable for more counter-attacks by the Catamounts. As the clock hit 79 minutes Wright scored his second goal of the game. Charlie DeFeo sent a long pass up the field and Wright once again out-ran a UMBC defender and put the ball into the upper right part of the goal. Just over two minutes later Shane Haley sent a ball down the field to Stefan Lamanna, who scored from the left side of the field.

What UMBC seems to be lacking is the strong midfield that they’ve always had before to get the ball up to dangerous strikers like Tre Pulliam or Colin Weyant or Jordan Dove. That young trio hasn’t quite shown they are ready to carry the offense from the top without the help from the midfield.

“I though overall the effort was there but the frustration is we’re finding ways not to score and that’s been the whole season,” Caringi said. “We’re putting a lot of young players up there that need to produce and they’re not producing. We’ll learn from it and we’re going to get back to where we need to be.”

UMBC will have one more opportunity this year to start the return to the glory the program has come to know. A teary-eyed Heavner, who has been a major part of the team’s assent to national prominence over the past three years, said that even though Wednesday’s game in meaningless when it comes to the conference standings, the Retrievers “need to show some pride and get a result.”

Caringi explained that while it was a bitter end for a seniors like Heavner and Christian Morales, “they got nothing to be ashamed of” for the way this season turned out.

“Billy Heavner has done more for this program as a student and player. He led us to the Final Four. We wouldn’t be where we are today as a program if not for guys like Billy and Cha Chi (Morales). … They are heart-broken today because for me when I think of those guys I think of a winner. … They are doing the best they can; they leave it all on the field and play with their heart. It’s disappointing for them, but you can’t say enough about a guy like Billy Heavner and what he’s meant to UMBC athletics.”

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