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Fall Lax: Terps still ridiculously loaded

By: Taber Lucchese

Loyola Women’s Lacrosse vs. Maryland

Final: Maryland 14, Loyola 11

  • No longer in her rookie season, Taylor VanThof proved to have found her niche, absolutely dominating draw control on Loyola’s end.
  • Veterans Caroline Steele and Zoe Stukenberg are stepping up to fill the void left by Taylor Cummings for the Terps.
  • Maryland freshmen Lizzie Colson and Brindi Griffin showed promise on the offensive end. Colson netted two for the Terps and Griffin scored once.
  • Holly Lloyd is already proving herself to be Loyola’s next great rookie. The Canadian freshman netted one and very obviously fit in well among her older teammates.
  • Loyola’s returning scorers: Cami Whiteford (2), Emily Clark (2), Frankie Kamely (1), Taylor VanThof (1), Hannah Savage (1), Katrina Geiger (1), Lindsey Gamer (1).
  • Maryland’s returning scorers: Caroline Steele (2), Zoe Stukenberg (1), Taylor Hensh (1), Jen Giles (1), Theo Kwas (1).

Maryland Women’s Lacrosse vs. Penn

Final: Maryland 8, Penn 7

  • The Terps slowed it down to a relaxed and patient pace for Penn; a decision quite atypical for Kathy Reese’s notoriously aggressive yet sound team.
  • Freshman Brindi Griffin added another goal, along with fellow rookies Nikki Sliwak and Kali Hartshorn each contributing one.
  • Maryland used the shot clock to their advantage on the defensive end, running out Penn’s possessions multiple times, a tactic that is absolutely a game changer.
  • Maryland’s returning scorers: Jen Giles (2), Zoe Stukenberg (2).

Loyola Women’s Lacrosse vs. Penn

Final: Penn 10, Loyola 6

  • Jen Adams relied on both goalkeepers Kady Glynn and Taylor Caldwell throughout the day – despite the relatively high scores, the duo proved to be strong replacements for the graduated Molly Wolf.
  • Lloyd again proved her rank, assisting multiple shots and creating opportunities against Penn’s skilled defense. Her level of comfort and confidence resembles that of Loyola men’s standout Pat Spencer in his rookie year.
  • Loyola’s returning scorers: Emily Cooper (2), Hannah Powers (1), Taylor VanThof (1), Emily Clark (1), Margaret Filippelli (1).
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Taber Lucchese

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