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Mustangs earn first shutout, draw Roanoke

Michael Tringali made 12 saves and led Stevenson to their first shutout of the season in a 0-0 draw against Roanoke.

Michael Tringali made 12 saves and led Stevenson to their first shutout of the season in a 0-0 draw against Roanoke.

When you see a 22-5 shot differential in soccer you’d expect the game probably would have at least 3-0, but shot total does not always tell the entire story. Stevenson was out-shot but Roanoke, but they had few truly strong scoring chances and after 110 minutes of soccer the Mustangs earned a 0-0 draw for their first shutout of the season. Stevenson goalkeeper Michael Tringali finished with 12 saves, but was only faced with a small handful of dangerous shots by the Maroons.

Even despite playing without regular starters Eric Dorsey or Alex Lingg on the back line because of injury, Stevenson earned their first shutout of the year as they have done unbeaten in back-to-back games.

Stevenson was out-shot 8-2 in the first half and 4-1 in shots on goal, but they were actually the most dangerous team. All of Roanoke’s shots on goal were long shots that were softly hit towards the net, requiring little movement from Tringali to get in front of them. However, in the 41st minute Joel Klopcic ran onto a ball in the box for Stevenson and ripped off a shot. It was blocked but Klopcic ran onto the loose ball after the deflection and took another shot, but that one was saved by Nick Tadros as he dropped down and sprawled to make the stop.

After halftime in the 53rd minute Mustangs reserve Adam Diabagate made a strong run up the field and past a defender. With the goalkeeper way out of the goal it was a great chance for the Mustangs to score, however, he was forced to far up the field and was given no decent angle to shoot from All Diabagate could do was cross the ball in front of the goal. No Mustangs player was there. A player did eventually run onto the ball but the Maroons defense recovered by them.

““They out-shot us but we had two of the best shots of the game,” Mustangs head coach Andrew Bordelon said. “We just weren’t able to put the ball in the back of the net but they way they stood tall together and the first shutout of the year, we’re starting to see the strides we’re making.”

Roanoke once again out-shot Stevenson in the second half, holding a 7-2 advantage in the period, but only had two really good scoring chances. In the 63rd minute Fortune Sibanda ripped a long shot at the goal that forced Tringali to lay out to save on a dive. In the 84th minute Jon-Cody Mactutu collected a lose ball after a failed clear by Stevenson and pushed it up to Jack Coyette. He toed the ball at the goal, but that was a fairly easy save for the senior netminder for Stevenson.

In overtime, Roanoke’s most dangerous opportunity came with just 18 seconds left in the first extra period. Orestis Ilias sent a ball into the box. Atticus Cooke heeled it to Mactutus and he drilled a shot, but Tringali was able to stop it.

Combined in overtime Stevenson was out-shot 7-1 and the Maroons had all eight corner kicks in the extra 30 minutes worth of soccer, but even still, but Mustangs defense prevented truly dangerous scoring opportunities for Roanoke. While Tringali’s save total may have been a bit over-inflated with easy stops, he was still the key behind the Mustangs best defensive performance of the year with his communication and making sure his teammates were in the right spots.

“I spoke to Mike and I said ‘we’re going to need you to be vocal today and helping (freshman) Nick Ellis and JT (Joel) Klopcic out back there’ and that leadership is a big deal,” Bordelon said. “He provides stability to us and we know we have a safety valve.”

While Stevenson did not get a victory, a draw showed great progress. The team started the year a disappointing 0-6-1 but are 1-0-1 in their last two games gaining nice momentum heading into conference play.

“We wanted to finish off September strong and we did and now we’re heading into a new season of conference play that we’re excited about,” Bordelon said.

Stevenson opens conference play on Saturday at 7:30 pm at Widener before returning home to host Hood on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 4 pm.

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