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Hot start leads JHU to blowout of Mustangs

Bailey Monaco shredded Stevenson's defense with her ability to drive the ball to the endline and get it into the box.

Bailey Monaco shredded Stevenson’s defense with her ability to drive the ball to the endline and get it into the box.

Both teams had the momentum of a shutout heading into the game but only Johns Hopkins rode it into Tuesday evening as they beat the Stevenson women’s soccer team 6-1. Johns Hopkins scored two goals in the first 20 minutes and out-shot Stevenson 15-1 in the first half on their way to a 3-0 lead at halftime. The Mustangs never recovered.

“We got off to a good start last Saturday (a 2-0 victory over Muhlenberg) and that was one of our goals today and we got off to a good start,” Hopkins head coach Leo Weil said. “We’ve had trouble getting that third goal, we were able to get that in the first half and I told them the challenge was not to let up in the second half and see if we can get a couple more, which they did.”

JHU’s push toward the goal began immediately. In just the 5th minute JHU earned a corner kick. Ana Bengoechea sent a ball into the box and found the head of defender Adrienne Johnson. However, Tiffany McKee, who tied a career-high 12 saves on Saturday against Haverford, made the save. In the 13th minute Stevenson’s defense prevented another shot. Bailey Monaco brought the ball up the field for the Blue Jays, cleared a defender and crossed it to Bengoechea, but before she could collect the ball in the box with no defender in front of her, a Mustangs defender got her foot on it to prevent the close-range shot from happening.

However, the Mustangs were not able to hold off the Blue Jays assault. In the 14th minute Meg Van de loo scored her seventh goal of the season. Bengoechea sent a cornerkick into the box. Kristen Hori headed the ball to Van de loo and she re-directed it into the goal with her head.

Hori scored not even five minutes later after Monaco took the ball to the endline and crossed it back to her in front of the goal.

Prior to coming into the game at Stevenson, Johns Hopkins had scored a pair of early first half goals in three-straight games but were unable to break through and score the third one before halftime. This time, that was not the case. In the 33rd minute the Blue Jays went ahead 3-0 in the 33rd minute off a corner kick. Alexa Rangecroft sent a corner kick to the near post. Alyssa Morgan tapped the ball further into the box. Michelle Santangelo ran into it and put it into the back of the net.

“You get up a couple of goals, maybe it seems like it’s too easy and teams have a tendency to relax a little bit but I was pleased today that they didn’t and they just kept after it,” Weil said. “A cliché’ is [a 2-0 lead] is the most dangerous lead in soccer and they are starting to believe and pushing to get that third goal.”

Once they scored that goal, the Mustangs were just in too much of a hole. In the second half they pushed forward and had a much more even shot out-put, with the Blue Jays only holding an 8-7 lead on attempts, but pushing forward also opened up the Mustangs defense for even more Hopkins attacking opportunities.

In the 53rd minute Monaco brought the ball up to the end line and passed it into the box to Bengoechea behind the Mustangs defense. With no where to go she quickly moved the ball up to Van de loo. With a defender still between her and the goal, she gave it right back to Bengoechea, who had made a run into open space and shot the ball inside the hear post to give JHU a 4-0 lead.

Monaco was a creative force for JHU on the right wing and in the 55th minute she scored her second goal of the year after clearing her defenders, centering herself in the box and shooting it into the back of the net.

“She’s been awesome this season,” Weil said. “She’s been taking people on, taking it to the endline, crossing balls. The other thing I’ve been impressed with her is she’s working hard on defense so she’s working hard on both ends of the ball. She’s been fantastic.”

After taking a 5-0 lead, Hopkins was able to make a lot of substitutions to get players who usually don’t see the field some key time as they are prepare for a deeper schedule of conference opponents. Thirteen Blue Jays got into the game off the bench, including backup goalkeeper Robyn Lipschiltz after Ciara Araguren held a shutout into the 63rd minute.

Against many Blue Jays backups the Mustangs were finally able to score to avoid a shutout. In the 67th minute Alayna Roesener threw the ball deep into the box from the right sideline. A Hopkins defender headed the ball back and Kellen Wittman settled the ball and scored her 20th career goal.

Hopkins would not allow a furious comeback, however. Instead, they scored again in the 76th minute. Emily Maheras scrambled through the Mustangs defense in the box to get clear for a shot and put the ball into the left side of the net.

“They’re a good team but we can compete at a high level,” Stevenson head coach Graeme Millar said. “We didn’t come to play in the first half and when you’re down 3-0 and end up chasing … it’s hard to recover and for some reason we weren’t with them in the first half.”

Having completed a six-game homestand, Stevenson will traded to Widener to open conference play on Saturday but will return to Mustang Stadium on Tuesday, Oct. 4 to host Hood. JHU will remain on the road and will travel to Swarthmore for their third conference game of the year before returning home on Wednesday, Oct. 5 to host conference foe Franklin & Marshall.

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