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Blue Jays blanked by Swarthmore in slugfest


Calling it a chippy affair puts it’s very nicely. The Johns Hopkins men’s soccer team was stuck in physical battle against Centennial foe Swarthmore. The Garnet were issued three yellow cards and the Blue Jays were issues on of their own. But despite JHU being able to control possession for most of the game, it was Swarthmore that got the lone goal of the game in overtime for the 1-0 victory on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m disappointed. I thought we controlled a large period in the game but we pushed too much to win and left open doors for [Swarthmore] to get that winning goal and that’s what happened,” Blue Jays head coach Craig Appleby said.

JHU out-shot the Garnet 13-6 and held a 9-1 advantage on corner kicks. But couldn’t finish any of their opportunities as Swarthmore continually pushed them around during their attacks.

In the 94th minute Swarthmore advanced the ball into the box. JHU defenders were calling for offsides, though the referee never blew his whistle for it. The seemingly recovered, but Ryan Ward sent the ball across the six-yard box from the right side to Tommy Sheehan and he sent a shot across the turf and into the far corner of the goal.

“I though he got a good touch on the ball to put it in the goal and it was a good angle to put it in the side netting,” Appleby said. “I don’t know about offsides but what I do know is our guys didn’t handle their positioning correctly to be able to close that out and we paid for it.”

Junior Mike Sweircz has three shots in a 65-second span that were blocked by the defense. Liam Moylan also had a shot off a rebound in that stretch, but it was stopped by Michael Thut.

Early in the second half the Blue Jays had another strong stretch of play in which they nearly had a goal. In the 54th minute sophomore Cole Rosenberger headed a corner kick sent in by Samy Ramadane but it was knocked away by Thut. Freshman Connor jacobs also had a strong chance on a diving header in the 57th minute but Thut punched it away. Junior Drew Collins had a shot blocked in the 58th miute.

Swarthmore’s best opportunities in regulation came in the 66th and 73rd minutes, but both shots were high.

Defense is a solid corp. but when we have so much possession you feel like you should win the game,” Appleby said. “You have to remain disciplined to close off and make sure you give yourself cover and balance and we pushed the limits on that a little too much so we gave them a few more opportunities than we would have liked.”

Still looking for their first conference victory, the Blue Jays will remain at home for a Centennial contests against Gettysburg on Wednesday at 7 pm and Dickinson on Saturday at 5 pm.

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