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Possession game by Duke overwhelms Hounds

Loyola could not handle Myles Jones as he scored three goals and had two assists.

Loyola could not handle Myles Jones as he scored three goals and had two assists.

You win the faceoff, you win the game. It’s as simple as that.

Duke faceoff specialist Kyle Rowe played by this mantra against Loyola Saturday afternoon at Ridley Athletic Complex. Rowe won 19 of the total 24 faceoffs to bring his team to a 15-6 victory over host Loyola. The No. 7 Blue Devils dominated the ninth-ranked Hounds the entirety of the contest, leading 8-3 at the half and significantly increasing the gap in the third and fourth quarters.

Leading scorer Myles Jones led Duke offensively, netting five goals and three assists to tie his career highs in both goals and points. Jones’ performance was unmatched by Loyola’s defense.

“I think it’s one thing to see a guy like Myles Jones on film and say [what] we need [to do],” sophomore midfielder Jared Mintzlaff said. “We had a game plan for him, we knew we needed to keep him out of the middle, keep him on his left hand. When you go in the game and you go up against a guy like that, very talented, very athletic, I think it’s one thing to say and one thing to do it.”

Forty seconds into the game, Justin Guterding put Duke on the board with the first of his three goals off an assist from Jack Bruckner. Loyola’s defense started off strong, with Jack Carrigan forcing two turnovers in less than two minutes.

With 5:32 left in the first, Loyola freshman standout Pat Spencer rolled from behind the cage for a top right corner shot to tie it up, but Jones and Bruckner each contributed unassisted goals to close the quarter with Duke at a two-point lead.

“We’ve played that first midfield (Duke’s) for the last couple of years, so we know what they’re capable of,” Toomey said. “Deemer Class and Myles Jones I think each had five on us last year down at Duke, so it’s a disappointing result because I think what we are going to go back and see is that we don’t feel that we executed our game plan. Really, it was about discipline. It was about making Myles Jones be a left hander, and if he rolls back, slide early, and we just allowed him to get to his right hand.”

Duke got their edge on Loyola in the second quarter, gaining a five-point lead and only allowing Loyola to score twice. Jones began the quarter with an unassisted left-handed shot from the top. Loyola’s Romar Dennis followed by Jones’ example with his own unassisted snipe to cut Duke’s lead to two-points.

A minute later at 9:25, Guterding rolled from behind to give Case Matheis a quick feed for a shot directly in front of the net, passing by Grant Limone to bump Duke’s lead back up to three points. Mintzlaff responded with a shot off a fast break that was fed to him at the midline off a clear by Limone, his second assist of the year.

With 4:12 left in the half, Jones banked a hat trick off his typical shot: an unassisted snipe from the top. Bruckner contributed his second goal off a feed from CJ Carpenter to finish the half 8-3 with Duke ahead. Guterding followed suit with his second of the game off an unassisted roll from behind

“We had to sit down at goal line and understand that 33’s (Guterding) a left hander, 9 (Case Matheis) and 8 (Jack Bruckner) are right handers, and we let them step away, we went over the head,” Toomey said. “Fundamentally, they make the plays that you can’t let Duke make. It was a tough pill to swallow, because I just don’t think we put our best foot forward today and we’re going to challenge our guys with that.”

Grant Limone was faced with a barrage of shots and allowed 11 goals on 19 shots faced n 38:03.

Grant Limone was faced with a barrage of shots and allowed 11 goals on 19 shots faced n 38:03.

Loyola did not win a single faceoff out of eight in the second quarter, which proved its impact on the scoreboard. The Hounds only managed to take six shots, with only two of them goals. They only scored once in the third, ending their scoring drought with 4:48 left in the quarter when Brian Sherlock winded up from the top to score off a feed from Sirico.

Before Sherlock snapped Duke’s six-goal streak, the Blue Devils increased their lead off of three different scorers. Jones shot an unassisted lefty bounce-shot, followed by Guterding who completed his hat trick with a low shot into the goal, assisted by Jones. Class got his first of two goals, a snipe to the top right corner off a feed from Matheis.

At 3:57, Jones tied his career high for goals, scoring his fifth goal of the game with an assist by Class.

“Today, nothing came easy,” Toomey said. “We threw it down the backside, and they didn’t slide the way we thought they might, the way that they had shown. Again, just hats off to them. They made some subtle changes that really made it difficult to play against.”

Just 30 seconds into the final quarter, Bruckner continued to increase the lead, scoring an extra-man goal assisted by Jones. Spencer finally was able to push one through for Loyola, faking out his defender to pass an unassisted goal behind the goalie.

With six minutes left, Class scored his second and final goal off an assist from Jones, tying Jones’ career high in points. At 5:23, Sirico scored Loyola’s final goal, rolling the crease from behind the cage. With 2:17 left, Matheis put the final nail in Loyola’s coffin with an unassisted roll dodge from behind, finalizing the score at 15-6.

“We’re very disappointed with the outcome and right now what we need to figure out is kind of fix a few things and where we go from here,” Toomey said. “That was really our challenge in the locker room at the end of the game, it’s what did we do well, what do we need to fix, and how do we move forward.”

For the final 21 minutes of the game, Sam Beazell replaced Limone as the Hounds’ goalie, Beazell ending with 3 saves and Limone with 8.

Pat Spencer led the Hounds with two goals, with one-goal contributions by Zack Sirico, Romar Dennis, Brian Sherlock, and Mintzlaff.

Saturday afternoon’s game marks Loyola’s second home-turf loss of the season. Loyola will have one week of practice to recuperate before they travel to nearby Annapolis to face Patriot League rival Navy on March 19.

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