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Sea Gulls strong first half too much for Stevenson to overcome

Kathy Railey's team outplayed the No. 9 team in the country in the second half, but a strong start for the Sea Gulls was too much for Stevenson to overcome.

Kathy Railey’s team outplayed the No. 9 team in the country in the second half, but a strong start for the Sea Gulls was too much for Stevenson to overcome.

Salisbury had a blazing start as they left the Stevenson women’s lacrosse team on the losing side of their season opener. The Mustangs actually out-scored the No. 9 Sea Gulls in the second half, but it was not enough in their 9-5 loss.

Dana King netted the game’s first goal just shy of two minutes having passes, after taking a feed from Gabbi Nieves to put the Sea Gulls ahead early. Nieves then scored a goal of her down less than four minutes later off one of two-straight assists by Megan Wallenhort. Her second assists went to Hannah Young as Salisbury went ahead 3-0 with 19:22 remaining in the game.

Olivia Monteiro finally put Stevenson on the board with less than 10 minutes to play. But the Mustangs could not get that goal to turn the momentum in their favor. That seemed to be what was happening when Salisbury turned the ball right over after controlling the ensuing draw, but Monteiro turned the ball over herself, Wallenhorst picked it up and Salisbury created a scoring opportunity as Nieves got the ball to Gabrielle Mongno to put the Sea Gulls ahead 4-1 with 7:45 remaining.

Ariana Maxwell then scored five minutes later and Wallenhorst scored off a free position shot to give Salisbury a 6-1 lead going into the break.

Wallenhorst also scored the first goal of the second half.

But Stevenson played much better in the second half. Monteiro scored her second goal of the game just 80 seconds after Wallenhorst notched her second goal. Carli Bafford followed with a goal not long after.

Stevenson out-scored Salisbury 4-3 in the second half and went from nine turnovers in the opening frame down to six in the second half. They also held Salisbury to eight shots, as opposed to the 15 they allowed in the first half.

They were just unable to overcome the Sea Gulls dominant first half.

Nicki Pate and MacKenzie Reese were each scored for Stevenson in the second half as well, while Maggie Lawder finished the game with nine saves. Brady Heher was held without a score on four shots in the game.

The Mustangs will look to rebound on Wednesday when they host No. 6 Gettysburg.

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