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Small Greyhounds lineup struggles in opener

By: Theresa R. Barnes

Tyler Hubbard led Loyola with 21 points, but Loyola struggled to shoot the ball consistently in their season-opening loss to Tennessee State.

Tyler Hubbard led Loyola with 21 points, but Loyola struggled to shoot the ball consistently in their season-opening loss to Tennessee State.

Early foul trouble for Jarred Jones took the Greyhounds out of a rhythm as their big man has to git on the sidelines, leaving head coach G.G. Smith to got with a smaller than expected lineup. Loyola shot just 34.5-percent from the floor and were out-rebounded as they lost their season-opener to Tennessee State, 86-71.

“We were very confident, but Jared Jones got his foul early, he really didn’t play, he was kind of out of rhythm,” Coach GG Smith said.

Loyola was tied with TSU with under 7 minutes to go, but let the game get away from them with several personal fouls and missed shots. Tyler Hubbard consecutively missed a layup and a jumper, than Andre Walker missed and fouled, causing TSU to have several free throw opportunities.

TSU was able to stay in the lead by making the free throws that came from Loyola personal fouls. The Greyhounds basically gave the game away and let TSU run over them.

“Overall you have to give Tennessee state a lot credit,” Smith said. “I thought they came in and played well and had a great game plan.”

Loyola started out early with foul trouble, having eight fouls within the first 10 minutes, but had good momentum with a slight five-point run at under 12 minutes.

“That one of the biggest things, playing without fouling, we had four guys with two fouls in the first half,” Smith said.

The Greyhounds were tied with TSU at the half with 36, but four minutes into the second half the personal fouls continued aggressively and Loyola lost their momentum.

“At the beginning, we came out all fired up emotionally, mentally, as the game went on along, we died down,” Andre Walker said.

Several layups and free throws were missed by Loyola as TSU made theirs, giving them the upper hand. Both Tyler Hubbard and Eric Laster missed seven out of 13 shots and Laster missed all five of his 3-point attemtps.

“When you’re giving up 56 percent of the half, you’re going to lose, they just out-played us in the second half,” Smith said.

On the bright side, Hubbard scored 21 points in the opener while Laster scored 17 and Andre Walker has 13 with a team-high five assists and four teams. Jones, despite only playing 17 minutes, was able to scored 14 points and grab a team-high seven rebounds. But nobody scored off the bench and the team had to settle for too many shots beyond the arc, where they only went 6-for-19 from.

“Very disappointing outcome, but it’s just the first game of the year,” Smith said. “Our bench has to get better.”

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