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Mike Mayock “intrigued” by Ryan Delaire

Ryan Delaire proved to be one of the best pass rushers in the CAA and is one of just 23 defensive ends set to take part of the NFL Scouting Combine.

Ryan Delaire is a talented and productive edge rusher who has a great opportunity to showcase his skills on a big stage in the NFL Scouting Combine.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock spends his free time watching a lot of college film so he can break down all sorts of players, from big colleges, small colleges, Division I programs, to Junior Colleges. Anybody he feels is draftable or even in the conversation to be drafted, he spends his time looking at and that includes Towson defensive end Ryan Delaire.

“I’m really intrigued by [Ryan] Delaire,” Mayock said in a Monday conference call. “He’s got a lot of edge ability. I like him as a developmental edge prospect.”

Originally a member of the UMass Minutemen’s first team to compete in the Mid-American Conference, Delaire transferred to Towson for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

At Towson, Delaire took off. During the 2013 season, he racked up 17.5 tackles for a loss and and 11.5 sacks, both of which led the CAA. And he was named an All-American as he helped lead the Tigers to the National Championship game.

This past season, Delaire was still an absolute forced with 14.5 tackles for a loss and 11 sacks. His sack total ranked second in the conference and tackles for a loss ranked fifth. Once again, he was an All-CAA player.

In two seasons, Delaire has 132 tackles, 32 tackles for loss and 22.5 sacks. Production-wise, he’s up there with the elite prospects.

Production ratio is a stat that has seemed to be a pretty good indicator of how good a college player can be in the NFL. If you’re unfamiliar with production ratio it is the total number of sacks and tackles for loss by a player divided by the number of games he has played. For Delaire the past two years, he’s at 2.01; an incredible mark.

Last year’s draft class was headlined by Jadeveon Clowney and he was at a 2.22 mark. Chandler Jones (1.28), Aldon Smith (1.96), J.J. Watt (1.85), Greg Hardy (1.74) and Jason Pierre-Paul (1.61) are other top defensive ends from the past few draft classes.

Mayock expects Delaire to be a the second Tiger drafted in as many years, likely in one of the last three rounds. At that point, teams are not looking for the complete packages, they want situational guys who can help their team and with building a deep pool of pass rushers being such an important thing for NFL teams to do now, that bodes well for Delaire.

Plus, his natural 4-3 defensive end position should help him, though he definitely has the ability to stand up at a 3-4 outside linebacker. While many top college programs are running 3-4 defenses, still about half of the league runs a 4-3 defense, Delaire could fit in with almost any team’s current system.

“I haven’t heard much buzz about him but I though his tape was good,” Mayock said. “I though he competed. I thought he had a little twist to him and I’ll be surprised if he’s not drafted. I’m anxious to see him at this week’s combine.”

Delaire will begin his workout on Sunday, February 22 with the defensive lineman. Full coverage of the NFL scouting combine will begin each day at 9 am on the NFL Network.

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