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JHU overcomes horrible start but falls in OT

Wells Stanwick had three assists and a goal against Princeton.

Wells Stanwick had three assists and a goal against Princeton.

Despite overcoming an incredible poor start to take a late lead, Princeton scored a late goal to force overtime and a game-winner with just one minute left in the first extra period to gain a 16-15 victory at Homewood Field over the host Blue Jays.

Princeton scored the first seven goals of the game. Mike MacDonald netted a first-quarter hat trick and assisted another goal as the Tigers took a 7-0 lead in just 10 minutes.

Ryan Brown finally got JHU on the board at 3:46 with his 17th goal of the year after John Crawley feed Brown a pass from behind the goal. Brown stepped up and ripped it through traffic past goalkeeper Eric Sanschagrin. That goal sparked a six-goal run by the Blue Jays. The next five were all in man-up situations.

With less than a minute left, Will Himler was taken out for and minute seconds for an illegal body check and just before he got back on the field, Holden Cattoni ran right to the middle of the field and took a pass from Crawley from the left side and hit the high shot. To open the second quarter, Austin Sims was barred for a minute after a cross-check and noteven 30 seconds after the violation, Cattoni struck again. This time Wells Stanwick faked a pass, from behind the goal and slipped it to Cattoni only inched off the crease. He again put it high in the goal.

Pat Fraser then ripped off three-straight goals to make it a 7-6 game.

At 11:42, Zach Currier was called for one-minute penalty on an illegal body check and just 17 seconds, Fraser netted his first from the right wing. Brown was about 10 yards out in front of the goal but had a defender face-to-face with him. He dished it off to to Fraser, who took the quick side-armed shot for the score.

Still in the same man-up situation, Fraser struck again. JHU won the faceoff and Stanwick took the ball behind the net but quickly passed it up to Fraser and he put it in the net.

At 10:22, Sam Gravitte was cited fora 30-second interference penalty and just seven ticks of the clock later, Fraser completed his straight hat trick. Wells took possession of the ball behind the net on the left side and passed it across the field to his younger brother Shack. The younger Stanwick then moved it forward to Fraser and he finished the shot from the right side to the left half of the goal.

Princeton was able to slow the game down to coll the Blue Jays momentum and after nearly five minutes without either team scoring a goal the Tigers netted back-to-back in just six seconds. In a man-up situation, Gavin McBride put on in the next and on the ensuing faceoff, Ryan Ambler made it a three-goal game with Princeton having the 9-6 advantage.

Cattoni completed his hat trick for JHU at 2:52 after Wells Stanwick feed him the ball in a man up situation but withless than a minute left, Kip Orban gave the Tigers their 3-goal lead back at the break.

JHU was able to tie the game out of halftime, though. Johns Hopkins took the opening faceoff to give the Blue Jays possession. Not even a minute later, Joel Tinney made a move into the box, ran down the right side and from about 10 yards away, ripped the shot into the far side of the net.

Not long later, Wells Stanwick made a run at the goal for a score and at 8:33, Brown tied the game with his second goal of the game off pass from Tinney.

The Tigers did see back-to-back goals from Ambler and Orban again but in a man-up situation following a delay of game call that sent McDonald off for30 seconds, Shack Stanwick got the ball to Fraser for his fourth score of the game. That goal sparked a four-goal run for the Blue Jays. Crawley, Brown and Tinney all netted goals to make it a 14-12 game in favor of the Blue Jays. After Brown’s third goal, the Blue Jays took their first lead of the game.

Princeton did not go away, though. Currier and McBride each netted goals in about a 90 second span to tie the game. With 2:13 remaining Tinney completed his hat trick after a run to the goal.

But Ambler finished his own at trick with just sevens seconds to go in regulation. After multiple deflected shots MacDonald took a pass behind the goal on the right side, quickly moved it up to Ambler just outside the crease and from the right side he put it high in the net while being pushed away by a defender.

After battling back from a horrible start to take a lead, the Blue Jays had to settle for overtime with all the momentum behind the Tigers.

In overtime, defense was the story. While both teams found their way to the goal with ease in regulation, neither team scored until the final 1:07. Riley Thompson passed the ball to McBride, who was sprinting up the left side and put it in the net for the victory.

JHU dropped to 2-3 on the season and are 1-3 since their dominant season-opening win over UMBC. Sanschagrin was huge for the Tigers and finished the game with 12 saves to keep the Blue Jays at bay.

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