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What can we watch without the Ravens?

Ravens tailgateSo…that Ravens season is over…does anybody else know what to do with their Sundays? I suppose I could watch the conference championship games but do I really invite all my friends over, throw my shoes off and lounge around the man cave with a buffet of food to watch two games with teams I’m indifferent to play football?

It’s not even like I can distract myself from the lack of football by sitting out in the nice spring and summer sun and enjoying an Orioles game. College game day is Saturdays so it’s rare to be able to go sit in an arena full of crazed college kids just passionate cheering for their school regardless of who they are playing or how good (or bad) they are.

More than any other sport, football is really the one that brings people together. Whether it’s tailgating or house parties or sitting in a crowded bar to check out the game on a nice 70-inch LCD screen, it’s a sport of community. Baseball and basketball just don’t provide that sort of comradery and that is probably because their are so many games that it’s hard to make one of them a grand event. In football, it’s once a week, only 16 times a year (and playoffs). That makes for special occasions where you can go out and spend all your money on chicken wings and queso dip and a 10-foot sub. With other sports that are played more often, it’s more if you don’t throw the party today just throw it tomorrow.

You don’t ever get tired of football. You don’t ever ignore a month of the season and go back to it later. It’s fresh every week. The Orioles play 162 times out of 365 days. It becomes a grind to follow them and it’s almost impossible to be the type of fan who follows every single small storyline of who is out these two days with a minor injury, who is moving up the lineup, and which pitcher is moving into the rotation and who is going into the bullpen.

Even watching all the games becomes a grind. If a team plays just five times in a week, with the average game being just over three hours, that’s nearly 16 hours week to invest on the game. Football, it’s all day one day. You invite five of your best friends over and chill out, cheer and and eat and drink and enjoy a good game.

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