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Baltimore Christmas wish list

Ravens: A Chiefs win over the Chargers

The Ravens have the ability on Sunday to make the playoffs if they beat the Cleveland Browns AND the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers. That’s the big one. The Ravens can control their own games outcome but it’s always tricky when a team needs help to get in. That’s the predicament the Ravens are in right now after they dropped two of their last three games to the Chargers and Texans.

Ravens: Some healthy cornerbacks

The Ravens have has to place six defensive backs on injured reserve and while it hasn’t been a huge problem the past few weeks with the team facing inexperienced quarterbacks, once they get into the playoffs it will probably be their biggest Achilles heel. The Ravens have one of the worst pass defenses in the league but it has a lot to do with just a severe lack of continuity with the revolving door of cornerbacks.

Ravens: An explosive receiver

This has been on the Ravens wish list forever, seriously, the team has never in their history had a truly explosive wide receiver. They’ll have to wait until the draft and they’ll be picking too high to get Amari Cooper but West Virginia’s Kevin White, Louisville’s DeVante Parker or Arizona State’s Jaelen Strong are all strong options.

Dennis Pitta: A new hip

Some reports are saying Dennis Pitta should be back no problem next season but others are saying his second injury to the same hip in back-to-back years is pretty devastating. Just knowing the tight end position, which requires a lot of over-the-middle routes that lead to an exposed hip, it’s a trick situation to think about.

Orioles: A right fielder

Please, please don’t be stuck or content with David Lough in right field. The Orioles need somebody to replace Nick Markakis, whether that’s a power-hitter like Marlon Byrd or Colby Rasmus, or a guy that is faster and can manufacture runs like Norichika Aoki or Ichiro Suzuki, they have to get somebody to fill in.

Manny Machado: Better knees

It’s hard to really think that a 22-year-old has undergone two major surgeries on both his knees but that’s what Manny Machado has had to deal with. In one way it might not be the biggest deal in the world because he is still young and able to recover a lot faster than a 30-year-old but in another way to see a guy at third base, where he has to jump off the line a lot with a burst of speed, bad knees if just a terrible thing.

Terps Football: A top quarterback recruit

Maryland has had a great and somewhat surprising first season in the Big Ten and it earned them a spot in the Foster Farms Bowl against Stanford on Dec. 30. And the success has help their recruiting. They may even have the top high school defensive end recruit, Byron Cowart, ready to become a Terp but in order to become a real threat in one of the best football conference around they need a quarterback. Sheriron Jones has Maryland on his radar, he would be a pretty big addition but they have to get it done.

Terps Basketball: A big man

Jake Layman has some nice height and is currently the team’s second-leading scorer, averaging 15.8 points per game, but he likes to hang around on the perimeter way more than he likes to battle in the paint. Maryland’s top true big man is 6-foot-9, 240-pound sophomore Damonte Dodd. He is averaging just 5.1 points and five rebounds per game. That’s fine while the Terps are playing a fairly weak non-conference schedule but when they travel to Michigan State on Dec. 30 they’ll officially be christened in the Big Ten.

UMBC Basketball: Stick ‘Em

Sure stick ’em might prevent the Retrievers from getting the ball out of their hands when they go take a shot but they might at least be able to hold onto the ball long enough for that to happen. UMBC has turned the ball over the sixth most in Division I, averaging 17.36 turnovers per game. After figuring out a way to get a win despite 22 turnovers against Longwood, UMBC gave it up just 12 times and got another victory over Kennesaw State.

Oumar Ballo: An early call on draft day

UMBC’s centerback was one of the best players in college soccer last season and led the Retrievers to a No. 4 ranking in the final NSCAA poll after a trip to the College Cup. He’s got the size, skill and discipline to be a very good MLS player for a long time and is expected to become the fifth Retriever to be drafted in the MLS five years. has Ballo projected to be drafted No. 17 overall by DC United in their latest mock draft. College Soccer News has him listed as the No. 8 senior prospect for January 15th’s MLS Superdraft.

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