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Chris Davis suspension may mean end

You can't think of Chris Davis' suspension not being a big deal because he's not performing this year, what if he was hitting 50 home runs against and got caught while the Orioles are in a playoff race?

You can’t think of Chris Davis’ suspension not being a big deal because he’s not performing this year, what if he was hitting 50 home runs against and got caught while the Orioles are in a playoff race? How would you be judging him then>

I have a lot of questions about Chris Davis’ suspension. First, I’m a bit confused why he’s has been issues therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for Adderall multiple times in the past but was denied this season. But I’m more curious how Davis could be such a hypocrite and so stupid. Last season he was very vocal about anti-drug, not just steroids – any drug use, and this year he is handed a 25-game suspension for testing positive for amphetamines. And he is not even going to appeal it, he knows he did wrong.

As for why he was not given the exemption, I don’t know and do not want to speculate but if he was given a suspension it was definitely the second time he failed this year. He has never failed a test before and the first offense is generally a stern talking to and substance abuse classes. Davis’ ban is not part of the performance-enhancing drug punishment, which is 80 games for a first punishable offense.

Adderall is generally used to treat ADHD and helps them focus more. Clearly being able to focus better when a 90-mile per hour fast ball is being thrown at them while they attempt to hit it is very helpful.

If the Orioles play more than eight playoff games Davis will be eligible to return but don’t be surprised if this ends his time with the Orioles.

Buck Showalter seemed furious about the situation and while you can easily say it doesn’t matter if he’s not playing for the rest of the regular season since he was only hitting .196 with only 26 home runs and 72 RBIs and since the team is pretty much a sure bet to win the AL East. But you can’t think about it as being okay since he’s not productive.

What if the Orioles were battling for the playoffs and he was last year’s version of Crush Davis? Then we would all be livid he would do something like this and put the team in such a bad way. The situation surrounding a suspension of this nature does not in anyway out-weight the infraction.

But even if he’s not hitting right now and will only miss the ALDS and would be eligible for a deeper postseason run, his presence in the middle of the lineup is still a luxury for the birds. He’s not killing the ball this year but he has the ability to go yard every single time he’s out there. Steve Pierce and Kelly Johnson, who will likely be playing the corners now that both Manny Machado is out with an injury and Davis is out with a suspension, might be more successful at the plate but just don’t instil that sort of fear in opposing pitchers.

With this happening at the end of a terrible season on the final year of his contract, it might lead to the end of his days in Baltimore. It will probably be a statement against the stupidity of what happened but regardless, a good team wouldn’t bring him back.

Last season Davis was hands down one of the very best hitters in the league but he followed it up with a complete dud and has a track record that says he is closer to being this sort of hitter than the type of guy he was in 2013. Spending the money on Davis would be a bad move, save it for a guy with a much longer proven track record of hitting the ball, like Nelson Cruz. Or a much younger and also more proven guy like Machado. Or don’t just believe Caleb Joseph can do what he’s doing this year again and spend the money to bring Matt Weiters back. Those are the likelier options the Orioles take. Davis is on his last days.

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