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Towson tops Coppin State in local battle

Even Coach Joe Mathews said his team didn’t run the prettiest offense but point guard Cierra Webb controlled the tempo of the game as Towson improved to 4-1.

Baltimore, Md — The Towson women’s basketball team bounced back from a loss to Loyola this past Sunday with a 58-55 victory over Coppin State.

Michelle Peebles led the Tigers with 15 points and nine rebounds off the bench while Tanisha McTiller scored 13 points and had six rebounds and six assists in 18 minutes of action.

“You obviously are just always happy to get a win, especially against a city rival. There is a little extra that goes with that,” said Head Coach Joe Mathews. “Often it’s not pretty and often it comes down to who wants it more and who gets a lucky bounce and tonight we got a couple of breaks and were able to pull it out.”

Towson overcame 24 turnovers in the game by out-rebounding the Golden Eagles 47-27 and doubling their second-chance points, 14-7.

The Tigers were able to get to the free throw line early, scoring six of their first ten points to take a 10-6 advantage and after back-to-back jumpers by Peebles the Tigers got out to an eight points lead with barely more than six minutes having past in the game.

Ten minutes later McTiller got back to the line for two shots and made it a nine point game before a block by Peebles led to a fast-break layup by point guard Ciara Webb, who finished with nine points, six rebounds, three assists and a pair of steals, giving Towson an 11-point advantage with barely four minutes remaining in the first half. Six points by Coppin State’s Jordan Swails in the final 3:35 of the first half cut Towson’s lead to eight at the break.

Coppin State then opened the second half with 10-straight points over the four minutes to take a two-point but McTiller was able to pick up a foul and end the run while also sparking a mini 5-0 run for the Tigers to regain the lead.

Leola Spotwood was able to get her Golden Eagles back on top with 10:10 remaining in the game with a fast-break layup but McTiller once again got to the foul line and got the lead back for the Tigers, which they never dropped for the rest of the game. McTiller’s pair of free throws were followed up by a layup by Destiny Shearin and a three-pointer by Webb to give Towson a six-point lead with eight minutes remaining and three minutes later Krystal Pearson hit a three to make it an eight point Tiger advantage.

Every time Coppin State started to gain a bit of momentum McTiller ended it with a score. With 4:05 remaining Kyra Coleman hit two free throws for Coppin State before Harris stole the ball and went down the court on a fast break but Peeble recorded a key block and McTiller grabbed the ball, ran down the court and made an easy layup in the paint. Then, after Coleman went right back down the court and drew a foul, McTiller did the same thing and gave Towson a nine-point lead over their local rival.

Down by nine points, Coppin State made a nice little run with less than three minutes remaining in the second half with seven-straight points to take Towson’s nine-point lead down to only a two-point lead but more free throws, these by Webb and Peebles never game Coppin State an opportunity to tie the game after it became a one-possession game.

Coppin State did get the game back to a two-point difference but McTiller hit a layup with 14 seconds left t make it a two-possession game for Coppin State.

McTiller went 9-for-12 from the free throw line to overcome a poor 2-for-13 shooting night while Peebles show 6-for-13 from the floor.

Spotwoof led Coppin State with 13 points and nine rebounds while AshleCraig scored 10 points for them.

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