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Towson snubbed from FCS playoffs

Towson football coach Rob Ambrose stacked his schedule with two very good FBS team on it but he ended up being penalized because if the two losses it brought him as his team was snubbed from the FCS playoffs.

Seriously Towson football, the FCS selection committee needs to explain to you why you were left out of the playoffs when a team you just dominated not even 12 hours ago got in.

In case you missed it the Towson Tigers football team dominated the No. 7 New Hampshire Wildcats yesterday, 64-35 to end their regular season with a 7-4 record. Somehow, though, the Tigers were snubbed on FCS’ version of Selection Sunday when they were left out of the playoffs while the 8-3 Wildcats, as well as Villanova, another team they beat this year, both made it to the tournament.

New Hampshire is definitely a quality team and deserving of a spot in the playoffs but when they completely bypass a play-in game something just doesn’t seem right.

Towson’s tied New Hampshire, Villanova and Richmond in the CAA standings with a 6-2 league record but their 7-4 record was behind all three, putting them in fifth place in the conference after those three and 10-1 Old Dominion.

But is it not like Towson has any bad losses on their schedule. This year Towson lost three road games and at home to the Monarchs. Two of those four losses were against FBS teams. On Aug. 30 the Tigers lost to Kent State, which finished 10-1 out of the MAC, 41-21. Then, on Sept. 29 they played an incredibly tough game against LSU before finally falling 38-22. Neither of those losses should really count against the Tigers; no FCS team is supposed to beat an FBS team. Old Dominion is a very quality team too. The only loss that could qualify has a “bad” loss was against James Madison but they were 7-4, just like the Tigers.

New Hampshire, on the other hand, was blown out by Towson in their home stadium and only had one FCS game on their schedule, which they lost to Minnesota. If They would have scheduled a game against a top-ranked SEC team they probably would have the same record as Towson so essentially the Tigers were penalized because they scheduled games against top of the line teams to get their team some more exposure.

The same goes for Villanova, which lost to Towson but scheduled only one game against an FBS team, lost, but had one more win than the Tigers with one less FBS team on their schedule.

I have no problem with Villanova and New Hampshire playing in the post season but if those two are in the tournament then Towson should be in too and the fact that they are not is a major snub.

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