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Roberts to have season-ending hip surgery

A concussion kept Brian Roberts out for over a year but only 17 games after is return from it he suffered a hip injury and is having season-ending hip surgery.

It’s done. At this point it is nearly impossible to imagine second baseman Brian Roberts will play another game in his career after undergoing season-ending hip surgery. This is now three seasons where Roberts has barely played due to injury. In 2010 Roberts missed most of training camp with a herniated disc in his back and was sent to the disabled list after suffering an abdominal strain. Then, last season, Roberts suffered a concussion after sliding head-first into first base and it forced him to miss over a year.

When Roberts came back there was hope because he is a legitimate lead-off hitter and a solid defensive second baseman but after just 17 games he tore a muscle in his right hip, went on the disabled list, and now has to have season-ending surgery to fix it.

The injuries not only keep Roberts out of games but they also keep him out of practice and it is hard to imagine that a guy who has had a very limited number of practices and only 17 games in what is going to be almost a year and a half will ever be an effective hitter again.

It is quite sad to see because during the incredibly down years of the Orioles Roberts was a star that everybody wanted to succeed and now that the Orioles seem to be a playoff contender he is not able to be involved.

Roberts has had a very up and down career. When he got his opportunity to be a full-time starter at second base in 2004 he set the Orioles record for most doubled in a season, which he later broke twice. But in 2005 the Orioles traded Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Cubs and Roberts was the undisputed second-baseball and he went to the All-Star game, putting up career-highs in average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and home runs. He returned to the All-Star game in 2007.

Roberts also has the whole steroid controversy surrounding him. In 2006 former relief pitcher Jason Grimsley named Roberts on a list of players who used anabolic steroids and he later admitted to doing it once in 2003. But other than that one time during his rookie season Roberts has had a clean track record of steroid use and has been one of the best Orioles since 2003.

So it is sad to see a rash of injuries potentially end his career but the only hope might be that like how he got his chance when Hairston kept getting injured, this will lead to another player stepping up when given the chance to replace Roberts.

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