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O’s should consider trading for Headley

Conventional wisdom may say adding a pitcher would benefit the Orioles more in their run towards the post season but Chase Headley would improve so many problem areas.

Will the Orioles be buyers this trade season? That is the big question that everybody who wants to see the Orioles make their first postseason appearance since 1997. Honestly, there is no real telling what they will do. At this point it is incredibly unlikely that the Orioles will win the AL East, trailing the Yankees by 7.5 games as of July 27 but they do have a real chance at making one of the two wild card spots as they are only 1.5 games out of that. If the Orioles want to make a real playoff push they are going to have to be a buyer and have to add more than just Jim Thome.

Logical thinking would say that the Orioles would have to add a starting pitcher to make a push. Offseason addition Jason Hammel was the clear ace of the staff but an injury may keep him out the rest of the season, leaving rookie Wei-Yin Chen as the No. 1 pitcher. Chen has done a great job this season with eight victories, 6.81 K/9 and a 3.82 ERA and Chris Tillman has come up and given three quality starts out of four appearances while Zach Britton has major promise as well but none of those guys are true top of the rotation pitchers as of right now and Jake Arrieta, Tommy Hunter, and Brian Matusz have just been terrible this season. So adding a pitcher like Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, or Josh Johnson would make a lot of sense after the missed out on Zach Greinke.

But maybe going in a completely different direction would serve the Orioles better, like adding Padres third baseman Chase Headley.

The Orioles are currently in the bottom third in the league in slugging pct (20th), runs (21st), batting average (26th) and on base percentage (27th). They are also a terrible defensive team with the most errors and worst fielding percentage in the majors. Headley, who is widely regarded as the best position player available this trade season, would help improve the team in all of those areas. Currently the Orioles have Wilson Betemit on third base but he could switch over the first base and the Orioles could just give up on Mark Reynolds.

When the Orioles added Reynolds they knew he struck out a lot, they knew he really struggled in the field and they knew he would not hit for even a respectable average but they were willing to deal with all of that because he would hit loads of home runs. Last year Reynolds hit 37 home runs but so far through 74 games he has only his eight and none of the other areas are getting any better.

Headley, on the other hand, can hit for a decent average and has decent power. This year Headley has hit .266 with 12 home runs, already tying his career-high, and that is while playing in San Diego. PETCO park is not friendly to any hitter and away from PETCO Headley has considerably better numbers: .277/.374/.487 with nine home runs. Just imagine what his numbers could be like if his home park was the hitter-friendly Camden Yards, he may wind up being an All-Star.

One issue with trading for Headley is that the Orioles want to know if they can keep the guy they get for a long time and Headley is set to be a free agent this offseason. However, if he experiences some success in Baltimore and helps lead the Orioles to the playoffs in the AL East they it will probably be a huge selling point for him to stick around.

Another thing that may prevent the Orioles from making a trade is the lack of prospects to give up. Trading away pitcher Dylan Bundy or short stop Manny Machado are pretty much out of the question unless they can get absolutely amazing return that they just cannot say no to but Arrieta might be a guy that the Orioles could consider trading. Arrieta has a lot of talent but he has been terrible this season with a 3-9 record and a 6.13 ERA. Some of that may have to do with having surgery at the end of last season but his career ERA is also inflated at 5.27.

Despite his high ERA the Padres may be willing to take a gamble on him since PETCO is a much more of a pitcher’s park than Camden Yards is. Matusz could be a trading chip for the same season as well. Otherwise guys like Xavier Avery, Jonathan Schoop, and Joe Mahoney would have to be put in the right package deal.

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